Interpreting is the skill of orally transferring the message of a speaker for an audience (of one or more people) who does not speak the same language and vice versa.

The forms of interpretation I undertake are,

Public Services Interpreting (PSI)*, Interpretation for health, social services. Court, legal visits, and police work.

Business Interpreting, Smaller scale meetings, round tables and visits usually performed in whispered or consecutive mode.

Conference Interpreting**, Simultaneous interpreting in sound-proof booths for a variety of national and international level conferences and large-scale meetings. (This work is always undertaken in pairs).

Rates for PSI are charged per hour plus travel and time expenses. The rates for business and conference interpreting are charged per half-days and full days plus travel expenses.

Please contact me for further information and details of my experience. References also available on request.

*Over 500 hours.

**267 days approximately.